This is my first ever attempt at a one-word prompt.

I always struggle when thinking of subjects to write about so you’d think a daily prompt would come in handy. But not so much. I have looked at a few of the prompts over the last several weeks and nothing came to me so I haven’t bothered. But ‘Assumption’ is something that comes up quite a bit with me.

I think people assume a lot about me, or at least it feels that way. They assume I’m ‘normal’. They assume that I will understand their joke or their sarcasm. They assume that I will respond much like anybody else.

I make a lot of assumptions myself. Most of them are that whoever I’m talking to knows exactly what I’m thinking. I’ll reference a film or TV show with the understanding that everyone will know what I’m talking about. I’ll talk about something as if everyone has had the same experiences as I have. Which can lead to a lot of confusion.

My memory recall I guess you could say, makes me remember things as if they happened recently. For example, I remember faces very well. A woman I used to work with almost 10 years ago works in Primark. I saw her the other day and it’s as if I worked with her last week. But I very much doubt she doesn’t remember me at all. However, if I ever spoke to her it would probably be as if we had spoken recently. I would just assume that her memory was like mine.

A big one that came up recently on Twitter is that I assume my social issues, my anxiety and whatever else, are outwardly visible. I assume that I look uncomfortable or that I’m struggling, when most (but definitely not all!) of the time it just isn’t true.

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