It Continues … Somewhere Else

I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve had quite a lot going on the last few months and my head has been all around everywhere. I’m working hard to get my wrestling training classes going again (if you’re in Dunfermline, check out Paramount Wrestling!) and working on a comic book script, and lettering pages of […]


This is my first ever attempt at a one-word prompt. I always struggle when thinking of subjects to write about so you’d think a daily prompt would come in handy. But not so much. I have looked at a few of the prompts over the last several weeks and nothing came to me so I […]

Paramount Wrestling

I started working with Paramount Wrestling in Dunfermline in May 2017. After a couple of failed attempts to find a location, we finally found a home at the John Marshall Community Leisure Centre in Dunfermline. It was just a small room in a small building on the grounds of Pitreavie Primary School. They had no […]


I find collecting to be hugely calming. I’ve always had a collection of one thing or another for as long as I can remember. I remember my Grandma bought me a collectable spoon from Deep Sea World (it had a shark bite out of it) and I was going to collect spoons. I think I […]

My Last Full Time Job

I’ve always really struggled socially in the workplace. I’ll probably say this in a lot of my posts, but I’ve always been the quiet one. In earlier jobs I found it very uncomfortable. I knew that I was different and didn’t fit in. That is still true but I feel that over time I have […]


This whole having Asperger’s thing is new to me. Well, I’ve always had it. But having a label to explain why I am the way I am: that’s the new bit. I’m still trying to get my head around all of it. I still need to do a lot of research on the condition, even […]

The Journey Begins

Hello. I am Jason Ryker. I am a husband (Happy anniversary to Ruth, the love of my life.) and stay-at-home father to a young daughter and within the next few weeks, a son. I work part-time as a leisure attendant/janitor in Dunfermline and am currently training to return to professional wrestling with Paramount Wrestling. I […]